Available Assays

Black – Immunoassay (Special ELISA) Orange – Clinical Chemistry (Immunoturbidimetry)
Endocrinology – Gynecology HYE-5333 17-OH Progesterone HYE-5339 Androstenedione HYE-5346 DHEA HYE-5347 DHEA-S HYE-5349 Estradiol HYE-5355 FSH HYE-5359 Beta hCG HYE-5362 LH HYE-5368 Progesterone HYE-5369 Prolactin HYE-5376 Testosterone HYE-5378 Free Testosterone
Prenatal Supervision HYE-5359 Beta hCG HYE-5337 AFP HYE-5351 Free Estriol
Endocrinology – Thyroid Function HYE-5356 T3, free HYE-5357 T4, free HYE-5385 TSH HYE-5697 T3 (design change, to be released soon) HYE-5698 T4
Gastroenterology – Celiac Disease HYE-5767 Calprotectin HYE-5819 Anti-DGP IgA NEW HYE-5820 Anti-DGP IgG NEW HYE-5894 Anti-tTG IgA NEW HYE-5895 Anti-tTG IgG NEW
Diabetes HYC-5325 HbA1c HYE-5361 Insulin
Cardiac Markers HYC-5321 D-dimer HYC-5613 CRP-HS
Cardiac Acute Phase HYC-5613 CRP-HS
Hypertension HYE-5338 Aldosterone HYE-5373 Renin (active)
Oncology & Tumor markers HYE-5337 AFP HYE-5359 Beta hCG HYE-5370 PSA HYE-5371 Free PSA (pending on certification) HYE-5382 TM-CA 72-4
Bone Metabolism HYE-5334 25-OH Vitamin D (total)
Gastrointestinal Disease HYC-5319 CRP HYE-5767 Calprotectin
Nephrology & Renal Function HYC-5320 Cystatin C HYE-5343 Cortisol HYE-5347 DHEA-S HYE-5769 Hepcidin 25 (bioactive) UNIQUE
Iron Metabolism & Anemia HYE-5769 Hepcidin 25 (bioactive) UNIQUE HYC-5319 CRP
Saliva Diagnostic HYE-5344 Salivary Cortisol NEW & UNIQUE
Fecal Diagnostic HYE-5767 Calprotectin
Adrenal Gland HYE-5343 Cortisol HYE-5344 Salivary Cortisol NEW & UNIQUE

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