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  We are  group  of business including Mining , Exporting Trade and  Power installation Services Mining : We’ve commenced mining business in this year2011, iron ore was the first of our production followed by copper ore, Chrome ore, Gypsum and Magnesium respectively. Manganese is already discovered and we’re in process for mass production. Table (1-1) gives brief information about our current production. In house reports (assayed by the Captive lab of the National Ministry of Minerals) are available as well. Excite for Engineering work committed to offer constant supply of minerals raw materials, direct from our own or our partners mines, for both Local or overseas buyers Currently we’re developing two projects of small scale production of Silicate and Sulphide. Besides, the technical support and marketing services we’re providing for local owners of large and small scale-mining projects Export& Import Trade Contributing with our in-house producers in the very earlier stages of production for varieties of agricultural and animal resources products, which cultivated or grazed in fertile landscape of the Sudan virgin lands basically irrigated by either rain fall or from river Nile, secures stocks in our warehouse that guarantee continuous flow of commodities around the year ready for export to our clients. Trading services (Exporter and importer) Our natural products deemed of premium quality and % 100 organic

  1. White and y red sesame seeds (hulled or intact) (antibiotic/ hormones- free):
  2. Sesame expelled oil
  3. Arabic Gum
  4. Hibiscus
  5. Peanut; shell peanuts
  6. Chickpeas
  7. Dried Henna papers and Henna powder
  • Dried flowers H.P.S (supreme quality)
  • Dried sifting-for hibiscus tea bags use
  1. Melon seeds:
  • Sadir grade- brown
  • Khasheir grade- white
  1. Natural wood Charcoal:
  • Prosopis chilenses (Mesquite) wood
  • Talh wood
  1. Durra/Sorghum- (Egyptian corn)
  2. Alfalfa; bales
  3. Cotton seeds
  4. Sunflower seeds
  5. Tanned and Raw natural Leathers
  6. Live animal-males;
  • sheep
  • Camels
  • Goats
  • Bulls
Chickpeas chickpeas Dried Hibiscus flowers Groundnuts Sesame seeds Gum Arabic Melon seeds Live animal-males Alfalfa     .